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Gazpromneft - Lubricants Ltd Becomes Leader of Deliveries of Marine Oils in Russia
Gazpromneft - Lubricants Ltd. became a leader of deliveries of marine oils on the Russian market in 2015, after more than tripling its sales as compared to 2014, from 2.5 thousand tons to 8 thousand tons, bringing its market share to 26%.

Gazpromneft - Lubricants Ltd Introduces Special System for Checking Product Authenticity
Gazpromneft - Lubricants Ltd has introduced a special system for checking authenticity of products produced under Gazpromneft brand.

Gazpromneft lubricants ltd presents a new program for working with automobile dealers at the 4th road convention
Gazpromneft-Lubricants Ltd. has presented a renewed partnership work program at the 4th ROAD Convention of Automobile Dealers Association in 2016.

Gazprom neft increases sales of g-energy engine oils by two thirds in 2015
In 2015 Gazpromneft - Lubricants Ltd., operator of engine oil business of Gazprom Neft, increased G-Energy brand sales by 69%, from 19 to 32 thousand tons. The record has been achieved mostly due to increased volume of sales of synthetic and semi-synthetic engine oils through the retail chain and vehicle service stations.

Gazpromneft-lubricants ltd joins one of major russian automobile dealers in a large-scale project in the South of Russia
Gazpromneft-Lubricants Ltd. has partnered with one of Russia’s largest automobile dealers - Modus Group of Companies - to start a large-scale project of replacing G-Energy lubricants on discount terms for clients of authorized technical service stations.

Gazpromneft Lubricants Go on Sale in Avto 49 Spare Parts Stores
Gazpromneft-Lubricants Ltd has started cooperating with Avto 49 Spare Parts Stores, a chain that has stores in 40 cities of European part of Russia.